Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What Does It Mean For You To BE BRAVE?

If you missed the FIRST MEETING of the 2014 MOPS year or if you need a reminder about what was talked about - here is a quick clip that we shared.

It is all about this year's exciting theme : Be You Bravely.

The potential that radiates from those three simple words everytime I see them and read them is enough to bring me to my knees knowing that I, in and of myself, am nothing remotely close to brave. And yet, each day, no matter how mundane or crazy, I am called, we are called to be brave. Be You Brave. However 'You' looks for you.

While the steering members were up front getting introduced, each was asked a question, the same question : What does being you bravely look like for you?

And today, tonight, this week, I ask you that same question.

Play Group - Fridays 10-11 at Sheridan Wesleyan - bring your own properly marked balls/toys to play with
NEXT MEETING: October 8th 9-11 at First Baptist Church - Invite your friends - we will be having an extremely informative and helpful Safety Panel
It's not too late to invite your friends and have them come join us - they can register at the next meeting!
Have a fantastic week ladies!

Be You Bravely!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014



Sheridan Morning MOPS would like to take a moment to thank our local businesses, consultants and donors for the overwhelming support and donations we received this past month for MOPS registration and door prizes we will be distributing throughout the year during our MOPS Meetings. 

It was a STAGGERING amount of just over $1,000.00. 

Please visit or contact the following to show your appreciation!!!

Sheridan Stationary Books & Gallery
Sheridan Fremont Ford
P.O. News & Flagstaff Café
Java Moon
Midtown Café
Ole’s Pizza & Spaghetti House
Deines Chiropractic
Bonnadells Salon
Thirty-One, Shelta Rambur, Consultant
Lia Sophia, Beckie Ajayi, Consultant
doTerra, Molly Beumee, Consultant
Mindy Chase, Massage Therapist at Harbour Chiropractic
Lisa Brunkhardt, Massage Therapist at Deines Chiropractic
Leslie Allen, Donor
Jennifer Rizer, Donor
Ashley Skillman, Donor
Bethany Tippin, Donor
Louise Sargent, Donor