Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fire Station Trip

A little recap for you ladies of the trip to the fire station this morning!
Hope you and your kiddos enjoyed it!!
And if you missed it make sure to join our next outing!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What Does It Mean For You To BE BRAVE?

If you missed the FIRST MEETING of the 2014 MOPS year or if you need a reminder about what was talked about - here is a quick clip that we shared.

It is all about this year's exciting theme : Be You Bravely.

The potential that radiates from those three simple words everytime I see them and read them is enough to bring me to my knees knowing that I, in and of myself, am nothing remotely close to brave. And yet, each day, no matter how mundane or crazy, I am called, we are called to be brave. Be You Brave. However 'You' looks for you.

While the steering members were up front getting introduced, each was asked a question, the same question : What does being you bravely look like for you?

And today, tonight, this week, I ask you that same question.

Play Group - Fridays 10-11 at Sheridan Wesleyan - bring your own properly marked balls/toys to play with
NEXT MEETING: October 8th 9-11 at First Baptist Church - Invite your friends - we will be having an extremely informative and helpful Safety Panel
It's not too late to invite your friends and have them come join us - they can register at the next meeting!
Have a fantastic week ladies!

Be You Bravely!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014



Sheridan Morning MOPS would like to take a moment to thank our local businesses, consultants and donors for the overwhelming support and donations we received this past month for MOPS registration and door prizes we will be distributing throughout the year during our MOPS Meetings. 

It was a STAGGERING amount of just over $1,000.00. 

Please visit or contact the following to show your appreciation!!!

Sheridan Stationary Books & Gallery
Sheridan Fremont Ford
P.O. News & Flagstaff Café
Java Moon
Midtown Café
Ole’s Pizza & Spaghetti House
Deines Chiropractic
Bonnadells Salon
Thirty-One, Shelta Rambur, Consultant
Lia Sophia, Beckie Ajayi, Consultant
doTerra, Molly Beumee, Consultant
Mindy Chase, Massage Therapist at Harbour Chiropractic
Lisa Brunkhardt, Massage Therapist at Deines Chiropractic
Leslie Allen, Donor
Jennifer Rizer, Donor
Ashley Skillman, Donor
Bethany Tippin, Donor
Louise Sargent, Donor

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


For - All moms with children 0-5 and all expecting moms
Wednesday, September 10
 @ Marshall Park (Big Horn Ave)
Bring: Payment Method (Check/cash)**Payment options listed below

Childcare for MOPS meetings is available on a first come basis - be at registration to help guarantee your child's spot.

**Payment Options
  • #1 - Pay for the entire year up front = $84.95 (includes MOPS international fee)
  • #2 - Pay per semester - Fall=$44.95  Spring=$64.95 (includes MOPS international fee)
  • #3 - Pay per meeting = $24.95 one time MOPS international fee + $5/meeting
(Scholarships are available)

Let us know if you have any questions and we are looking forward to seeing you all in 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Spreading the Word about REGISTRATION!

These POSTERS and BROCHURES are hitting the town!!

Keep an eye out for them and  let me know  if I'm missing any good places to put them if you don't see them there after this weekend!!

Thanks you wonderful ladies you!

Photo: Naptime project. #MOPSpublicity #MOPS #beyoubravely These are hitting the town!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014



School starting, Summer winding down, Fall just around the corner, all means one exciting thing for us over here at Sheridan Morning Mops ....


If you are a soon-to-be mom or have a child through kindergarten age, YOU are welcome and invited to join us this year for MOPS.

Unsure of what Mops is all about? Check it out (HERE)
Or in short, its a community of moms all journeying through this crazy, amazing, challenging, rewarding thing called motherhood together. During a MOPS gathering you will get two hours of a much welcomed  mommy break (or if your child is younger he/she can stay with you) as there is quality and curriculum based childcare available, along with breakfast, a time to connect with other moms, and we're hoping some beneficial time of learning and growing in areas of being a mom, and personally.

  That being said, gather up your friends and come on  out to REGISTRATION DAY  

  10am @ MARSHALL PARK (map)  

We look forward to seeing all of your beautiful faces there!!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Last Meeting: Tea and Testimony!

Hello ladies -

Our MOPS year is coming to an end!!! Our last meeting for the year will be this coming Wednesday, May 14th from 9:00 to 11:00 AM. We are having High Tea and Testimonies. Steering and Mentors have provided all the food and decor - so you just get to come and enjoy! Many of us will be dressing up for the occasion. Please come however you feel most comfortable: dressy if that's fun, casual if you need to be comfy. We're looking forward to seeing you!!!


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thursday Thoughts with Theresa: 6 Ideas for Downtime this Summer

6 Ideas for Downtime this Summer {Plus a Bonus Weekly Agenda}

We have the freezer stocked with frozen treats, books out, prize box filled, and just days left until summer vacation! We’re planning lots of downtime, but even constant downtime needs a plan. Otherwise, everyone can go a little batty very quickly!

Here are some ideas for your summer down time:

1. Plan a Service Project:

We're kicking off the summer with a group service project: last year we invited friends over and partnered with Craft Hope in making bracelets for orphanages in Russia.

This year I've contemplated keeping it local and having children make art together and then take it to a local nursing home's Alzheimer unit.

2. Go camping:

Camping is a must in Wyoming, along with other trips you may have planned. But even if you’re in a season of life where camping is not possible, pitch a tent in your backyard.

3. Create Your Own Summer Reading Program:

We'll read all summer long, but will have a special three­week incentive program. I got the idea for it last year here. Our kids loved this last summer! Robby was anticipating it already again at the beginning of May. They love it because they get to pick a prize every day. But also because they really do get immersed in the reading they/we do.

4. Implement Scripture memorization:

I've chosen the first section of the Sermon on the Mount, which is the Beatitudes, for the children to memorize over the summer. How far they get will be determined by each one's age.

Incentives for this might be a ticket for a date with mom, a date with dad, invite a friend over to play, etc. That way we're working in that quality time that we desire to make time for, too!

5. Do a Nature Study:

Learn about trees and flowers, bugs and birds all around your neighborhood and community. I found this great resource for doing a nature study here.

6. Choose an Organized Activity:

The YMCA, Sheridan College, and Sheridan Historical Society have programs for children ages, at least four and up.

I like to take advantage of time together over the summer so we try to keep individual activities at a minimum. I love to see the relationships of my children grow and imaginations soar when they have books to stimulate their imagination and time for uninterrupted play, to act out all of their new adventures.

Structure Your Week to Simplify Your Life:

This is a great idea I found last year here, to schedule a little activity into each week.

Monday: Craft Day

We'll pull out the paints, glitter, clay, glue, scissors, (maybe even the sowing machine), etc. and get creative with a different fun project each week!

Tuesday: Library Day

We'll make a weekly trip to the library.

Wednesday: in the Kitchen Day

We'll try out new creations and recipes. My children love getting creative in the kitchen!

Thursday: Service Day

This may be making thoughtful notes for family, visiting a nursing home, or helping someone in need.

Friday: Fun Day

This will be our water play day: pools, fountains, water guns, slip and slides

Keep in mind, much of your weekly agenda will take only part of the morning and still leave plenty of time for outdoor fun!

Summer time around here is a time of relaxation and fun with a little structure to keep everyone in the know as to what to expect, as the days can run into each other easily and quickly without a plan.

We hope to fit in plenty of exploration, playing in our backyard, parks with friends, tennis with grandpa, and getting wet with cousins ­ A LOT!

I am a believer in making a plan and then working it out flexibly. So go jot down some ideas and have a great summer!

(For a few extra ideas, check out these sites:

It’s been a pleasure serving you this year, on the blog! 

- Theresa Miller, MOPS Mom

Theresa is a wife and mother of four children (3, 5, 7, and 9), who are embarking on their first year of homeschooling. Theresa has been involved in Sheridan MOPS for the last 9 ½ years, serving in multiple leadership positions, including Day MOPS Coordinator in 2007-2008. She took one year off, then started the Sheridan Evening MOPS group in September 2009. Theresa has published an article with MOPS International MOMSnext Ezine, in addition to other on-line publications. You can find Theresa encouraging mothers on her blog, Heavenly Glimpses.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Tuesday Thought with Theresa! (5 Training Points For Boys and Battle Play)

Sorry, y'all - I had a difficult week last week. As my head spun with questions, worries and duties, I completely forgot about the blog. Part of that forgetting, was unfortunately failing to post this great article from Theresa Miller. So, instead of a Thursday Thought, we get to have a Tuesday Thought (and just maybe a Thursday Thought as well!). Enjoy. - Bethany

According to Their Bent: 5 Training Points For Boys and Battle Play

Are you a parent who avoids having toy weapons in your home or forbids boys from pointing weapons, shooting at or stabbing one another with swords?

I tried to be that mom with my first son. I did not buy or promote toy weapons. And at about the age of three, he found a stick that worked well enough as a gun. So I told him to "shoot the lizards" on the ground and not point it at people. And then he was around other little boys, who battle played, and I found myself fighting an uphill battle–myself against the innate behavior of boys.

We have two now. Two boys out of four children and our second boy is just as, if not more, animated than the first with light­sabers, swords, legos, star war figures and playmobil.

He lives and breathes battle play. Our two boys battle each other, cousins, and friends willing to join in battle.

And this kind of play, I've concluded, is healthy.

Because we can't change the make­up of our boys, but we can train them according to their make­up.

There is no doubt that boys were built to be warriors–when they can create their own weapon out of sticks without ever being exposed to one. Therefore, eliminating toy weapons is not the answer. But rather how we train them is key.

Here are five points we use for training our boys in the way of battle play:

1) We teach them what it means to be a hero.
Heroes fight for something greater than themselves and are willing to give up their own life for the greater good. On a smaller scale, we train our children to put others first and to give up their own comforts for the sake of another.

2) We teach them what it takes to be courageous.
Courage is not simply doing right when it is easy, but rather doing right when it is the most difficult to do. My children are realizing that this is near to impossible without the help of the Holy Spirit. Yes, they must pray for courage.

3) We teach them that they were created to be warriors in a real life spiritual battle.
Ephesians 6:12 tells us that our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

The Spirit cannot reside where sin does and so our children, our boys, are faced with this battle every single day. They must choose to gain their strength for this battle from Christ and the Word they have hidden in their hearts. (For more on children fighting a spiritual battle, check out this post: How a Child Crushes a Lie)

4) We read like crazy great books that display courage, heroism, defending the weak, and fighting for good.
In the face of real life difficulty, our boys have the opportunity to identify with a character in a great story who felt lonely in choosing right, who felt scared in pressing forward and who found courage to act in the face of that fear.

Why is story so important? Because our children can see the lasting affects of those choices, within the characters they identify with, in which good prevails in the end. (If you're not reading aloud already, check out this post: 8 Reasons to Read Aloud to Your Children)

5) We use our home as training ground.
The little brothers and younger sisters are examples for looking after and protecting the weak. With my younger boy being only eighteen months older than his younger sister, there are a multitude of opportunities to train his little heart to look after her, to bear with her, and to do what it is right in the face of frustration and difficulty. And I teach this to my daughters, too.

And they fail time and time again. But that is how they are learning, too. These are the teachable moments. It's up to us to give them that vision of what they're fighting for. (For further reading about giving boys a vision for their future, check out this post: How to Train Our Boys to Be Men At Four)

I see it in differing contexts just how these children do look after one another, in spite of their collision of difficulties at home. Our training is not futile even when it feels like it is. Hearts and minds are being molded for greatness, in the image of God, as we persevere.

When we use battle and warrior­talk in the training of our boys, we're speaking their language. We're penetrating their hearts.

And no doubt, what happens within the hearts of these boys in this home will manifest itself within their world.

So no, we don't take away weapons nor do we train boys against their natural grain. Our boys were created to be warriors! Rather, we train them for the battle so that they have no doubt who they are fighting, why they are fighting and what their battle is worth.

Because some things in life are worth fighting for. ***

Some suggested read aloud books on courage and heroism–just to name a few:

Saint George and the Dragon
Tales of King Arthur and the Round Table
The Children's Book of Heroes
The Wind and the Willows
The Tale of Despereaux
Chronicles of Narnia
Lord of the Rings Series
The Hobbit
Swiss Family Robinson
The Red Wall Series (just embarking on these) Missionary Stories with the Millers

Also, don't dismiss biographies, life of saints and bible stories of heroes. What great books would you add to this list? 

- Theresa Miller, MOPS Mom

Theresa is a wife and mother of four children (3, 5, 7, and 9), who are embarking on their first year of homeschooling. Theresa has been involved in Sheridan MOPS for the last 9 ½ years, serving in multiple leadership positions, including Day MOPS Coordinator in 2007-2008. She took one year off, then started the Sheridan Evening MOPS group in September 2009. Theresa has published an article with MOPS International MOMSnext Ezine, in addition to other on-line publications. You can find Theresa encouraging mothers on her blog, Heavenly Glimpses.